Do you look the same as you did last year?

We sure don’t. It’s not because of the excess pizza or the extra-long, extra-gray hair (well, maybe a little). It’s because we wanted to evolve to better serve you.  My heart and my passion are in guiding our clients through what, for many, is the biggest decision of their lives....

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April Market Update

Welcome to our April newsletter. This month, we examine how the housing undersupply contributes to increasing home prices, as well as the market effects of the large increase in mortgage rates since January.  Currently, the housing supply is so low that the demand far outpaces the number of homes on...

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Declan Spring’s Podcast with Anna

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Anna’s Barcelona

Anna travels back to her home town in Barcelona Spain for the holidays.

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Can you own a real estate business without operating a brokerage?

BY INMAN CONTENT STUDIO Anna Bellomo is the Founder and Owner of District Homes, a successful boutique real estate business. Ranked number one in the Berkeley area, Bellomo and her team facilitated $82.2M in home sales last year for 74 happy families. Below, Bellomo shares how she built her real estate business. Bellomo...

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February Market Update

Welcome to our February newsletter. This month, we cover long-term trends in the United States, considering the ways in which history can inform our future. We also compare the 2020 and 2019 calendar years in our local area, using 2019 as a “normal” year to reflect upon 2020 trends.  We...

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January Market Update

Welcome to our January newsletter. This month, we cover the state of employment in the United States and the likelihood of meaningful stimulus. We also dive into how the Democratic Party’s majority control over both chambers of Congress and the White House could affect asset prices and interest rates. Most...

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December Market Update

Welcome to our December newsletter. This month, we take a look at the ways in which the U.S. housing market has behaved during the pandemic. We do so by examining the Case-Shiller 20-City Composite Index, which tracks property values across 20 different cities and indicates the health of the overall...

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November Market Update

Welcome to our November newsletter. This month, we take a look at the ways in which current U.S. economic conditions are affecting local, state, and national real estate markets. In particular, we examine some crucial economic indicators, such as third-quarter Real Gross Domestic Product (GDP)1 and new housing permits. Although...

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October Market Update

Welcome to our October newsletter. This month, we discuss the state of the economy, COVID-19, and potential economic stimulus. We will also look at forecasts for the housing market now that we are entering autumn. Overall, the housing market has shown significant price growth over the second quarter, showcasing the...

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